UNAware.. !

Earphones on Unaware of outer world Lost in phones Unaware of outer world Dreaming all day n night Unaware of outer world Laughing hard Unaware of outer world Walking hand in hand Unaware of outer world Stuck in her eyes Unaware of outer world Likewise.. Chase your dreams Unaware of outer world -Pratima Goel

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Yes I was not beautiful enough But you had chance to see my heart.. I kept searching love in your eyes But never really got to see myself there in your eyes... I tried hard to get your little time But sadly you were already running out of time.... I always wanted to be your... Continue Reading →


Flooded with emotions With crowd With shopping complex With people With useless talks With lots of information With unhealthy lifestyle With motivation With dreams With smiles We, Live in a world where all is flooded But, Temporary ! Our emotions, our relations, our dreams !

Hide and seek 

I ran all night Travelled to far unknown places Asked anyone and everyone But couldn't find it. Searched temples nd churches Looked in dingy streets and brothels And in meadows and swamps But couldn't find it. Hopeless and tired To rest my acidic calf muscles I reached home N' found it there.

Its the way of people

People read so much People hear so much People talks so much People write so much People thinks so much But, people meant so less. Its the way of people.. Had always been, will ever be...

One side of the story

Let me tell you a story, a story of love. Love between a bee and a flower. Once in a bee hive lived many bees. They used to get up early and after their morning rituals they all go to suck nectar from the flowers in the field. One fine day, one bee from the... Continue Reading →


Because... Life unfolds its beauty slowly.. We learn the lessons slowly.. Butterflies emerge from their cocoon slowly... Tides rise and so dies slowly... Sun rises and sets slowly.. Earth rotates around the axis slowly.. Tortoise that won the race Run slowly.. Take your first step and U will reach your goals, maybe slowly.. But surely..


Walking on the shore all alone. I found many a shells lot of pebbles couple of starfish. And once in my life I was all excited n' happy. What I forgot then is all this will soon be gone.    

Thank you mom !

Hello readers, Sunday mornings.. 14th May.. Mother's Day....so, at the very beginning.. to all the wonderful mothers out dere.. thank you for everything you do.. !                          mother's day everyday.. Meri pyari maa, The words are just not enough to show my gratitude towards... Continue Reading →

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